Lab Equipment

Setting up a lab is pretty involved. You need things like dust collectors, flasks, ejectors and presses, furnaces and grinders, lathes, vacuums, vibrators and mixers. The list is daunting – unless you’re shopping at Sky Dental! There’s nothing we don’t have, and we can give you choices from all the best manufacturers.

One item our customers love is the ‘31’ 10-inch Model Trimmer, from Handler Manufacturing. All Handler wet model trimmers now come standard with a reversible, reinforced Carbo-Dent wheel for long-lasting use and improved safety, as well as a pair of rubber suction cup feet to lift the front of the trimmer for better water flow and more stable operation.

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Another popular item is the Biosonic UC300 Ultrasonic Cleaner, from Coltene, a gentle but very effective cleaning machine. The wear-resistant plastic housing will not stain or dent. The large basket allows you to clean 3 or 4 times as many instruments as other units do, and the basket dividers facilitate sorting and minimize handling of all the instruments. It’s quiet, it’s got a built-in drain, with an extra-long tube for safe waste disposal, and its stainless steel tank is huge, at 14.4 liters.

Ever seen the Keystone Centri-fuse Kit? It’s a really innovative product that allows quicker, easier and more cost-effective application of decals to mouthguards. The adhesive goes on with a flameless torch, for superb clarity, excellent adhesion, no bubbles, and never a need for a second forming! Adjustments are easy too. You get the flameless torch, 20 centri-fuse strips, primer, brush, scissors, trimming and polishing brush and a bunch of pre-printed decals. Easy!

Speaking of easy, have a look at the EZ Fully Automatic Sterilizers from Tuttnauer. These impressive machines fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry at the touch of a button. The innovative closed-door drying cycle circulates warm, filtered fresh air throughout the chamber to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches. They hold a lot, too, and they’ve got self-locking doors. They’re so reliable, we’re happy to give you a 2-year parts and labor warranty!

What about the input end of your lab – the part where you see your patients? We’re big fans of chairside efficiency, and we’d love you to have look at the A12 Operatory System, from Flight Dental. It’s a magnificent blend of comfort, ergonomics and reliability – the perfect chair for any dental operatory. There’s also the remarkable 3D ‘Accuitomo 170’ unit from Morita USA. It’s a 4th-generation imaging system, now with a voxel size of just 80µm. This super-fine voxel combined with the unit’s 14-bit grayscale capability creates a wide dynamic range which produces many grayscale values for visualizing both hard and soft tissue areas with a subtle spread of contrast. It enables comprehensive examination for diagnosing apical lesions, TMJ problems, and caries, and treatment planning for implants, surgery, restorative procedures, and more. Its advanced engineering even reduces the intensity of the X-rays, for extra patient safety. View the images on any computer, without any special software