Instruments- Periodontal

You can’t have too many forceps, pliers, perio tools, files, or nippers. Have a look through what we offer – there’s dozens – and on your way, see what you think of the Adson Brown tissue forcep from Nordent. This is for holding and manipulating delicate tissues. It’s got a wide, flat thumb grasp area that is commonly serrated. The jaws are short and the tips are narrow. This product is straight with 9x9 teeth and a length of 4-3/4 inches.

  And we’re really proud of the Orban periodontal knife, with all its variations, from G Hartzell & Son. This is the Swiss knife of perio tools. Get it in standard or ‘A’ handle, nice and wide, hollow, and light, with 5 different attachments. The standard is 5/16” wide, and the ‘A’ is 3/8” wide. 

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