ImageMaster Billet USB Intra-Oral Camera Kit

SKU: 400-1373-268560
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Suni Medical Imaging, Inc
Manufacturer part number: 400-1373
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The Suni ImageMaster intraoral camera continues Suni's commitment to providing high-quality digital imaging tools that help practitioners maximize their practices' diagnostic capabilities and workflow efficiency. With precision optics that produce crisp, high-quality images and an easy-to-use plug-and-play direct USB interface. Suni Imagemaster is designed to seamlessly integrate into your practice, allowing you to capture incredible images to educate your patients simply and effectively.

Brilliant Imges

  • Fully digital CMOS technology
  • Proprietary 2 LED lighting provides true color with a small tip size
  • Precision optics produce incredible images with vivid colors and brilliant detail

Pure Plug & Play

  • The first intraoral camera with USB Video Class
  • No drivers required - just plug it in and it works

Powerful Imaging Tools

Easy-to-use features and tools aid in patient education and the diagnostic process

  • Adjustable focus with new Controlled Focus
  • Dual capture buttons with feel tabs on top and bottom of camera
  • Ligh intensity control with three luminance intensities, including off
  • Diagnostic button with Gray Scale and Translumination modes
  • Arrow Logic provides switchable on-screen pointing arrow
  • Thermally activated anti-fog lens tip ensures crystal-clear images

Superior Durability

  • High strength Terblend plastic protects against detnal wear and tear and is resistant to all common disinfectants

Easy-To-Use Ergonomics

  • Well-balanced hand piece and easily accessible controls make for a user-friendly camera that handles well.
  • Small wedge-shaped tip for better access throughout the mouth

Unique Imaging Modes

  • Translumination power source helps detect caries, cracks, and fractures.

Minimum System Requirements & Specifications

  • Handpiece Max Diameter: 24.5mm (1.00 inches)
  • Handpiece Length: 216mm (8.50 inches)
  • Resolving Power: 200 LP/mm
  • Angle of View: 80 degree AOV
  • Direction of View: 90 degree to handpiece center
  • Focal Range: 0mm to Full Face (Adjust)
  • Image Sensor: 1/3" CMOS color (752x480)
  • Sensor Read-Out: Progressive Scanning
  • Power: 5V-USB port (<500ma)
  • Light Temp Rating: 4000K/120Lumen @ 350ma
  • USB Cable Lenght: 6 feet (10' optional)
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