Hypochlorous Disinfectant Tablets
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Hypochlorous Disinfectant Tablets

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EfferSan hypochlorous (HOCl) disinfectant is EPA approved to kill COVID-19 and has a registration number of 66570-2. 

Easy to use: designed to dissolve in tap water

– Mild pH is non-toxic and non-corrosive

– Kills pathogens but is gentle on skin, pets, plants, and fabrics

No stains, dangerous residue, or caustic smells

– Used in dairy, swine, and poultry operations to mitigate odors

Choose between 24-count or 100-count packages of 4-gram EfferSan disinfectant tablets.

Dilution Ratios (4-gram tablet)

– Disinfectant: 1,300 PPM (1 tablet per quart)

– Sanitizer: 100 PPM (1 tablet to 3-gallons)

One 24-count container will produce: 

1) 6-gallons at 1300 PPM = $8.33 per gallon

2) 12-gallons at 650 PPM = $4.16 per gallon

3) 72-gallons at 100 PPM = $0.69 per gallon

One 100-count container will produce: 

1) 25-gallons at 1300 PPM = $7.99 per gallon

2) 50-gallons at 650 PPM = $3.99 per gallon

3) 300-gallons at 100 PPM = $0.66 per gallon

The tablets’ shelf life is 3-years, and once activated, the hypochlorous acid disinfectant has a 7-day shelf life.

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