Handpiece makes up an essential component of dental equipment without which majority of dental treatments cannot be performed. Various types of dental handpieces are used for different procedures including surgeries, restorations, endodontic preparations, periodontal treatments, orthodontics and prosthodontics. The handpiece provides the required power to the cutting, abrasive, and polishing instruments used in the dental treatment procedures. Different types of handpieces used in dental treatment procedures include slow speed handpiece, high speed handpiece, ultrasonic handpiece, laser handpiece, air-abrasion handpiece, endo-motor handpiece, laboratory handpiece, and rotary cutting handpiece. Skydentalsupply provides all types of innovative and highly efficient handpieces to the dental health care professionals for performing various dental treatment procedures.

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#101 Heavy Duty Lab Handpiece, and #220 Handpiece Complete with Foot Control are especially designed and fabricated for carrying out denture fabrication, acrylic cutting, denture finishing and polishing. These heavy-duty handpieces increase the efficacy of dental laboratory technicians and produce well fitted partial and complete dentures. Alpha-Air Professional Highspeed Handpiece, Black Pearl ECO 4way, Bold Series Highspeed Handpieces, Fiber Optic Handpiece with Standard Push Button Head and Bold Series Surgical Highspeed Handpieces are best for cavity preparation in all types of direct as well as indirect restorations. These are basically one-piece units with a slight curve in appearance, operate from air pressure, maintains a water coolant system for pulp protection during tooth cutting, contain a fiber-optic lighting, and friction grip locking system for rotary instruments. The high-speed handpieces are used to remove dental decay, an old or faulty restoration, and the crown portion of the tooth for crown or bridge preparation. Furthermore, preparation of the outline and retention grooves for a new preparation, and finishing and polishing of restoration are optimally performed with these devices.

CanalPro CL, CanalPro CL2 Cordless Handpiece, E- Statis SLM Motor, and Endo Gripper Contra Angle E-Type are especially designed for most efficient root canal preparation during endodontic treatment procedures. The cordless handpieces are portable and can be easily used in multiple surgeries. Skydentalsupply provides high quality lubricant oils and sprays for the maintenance and smooth functioning of all kinds of handpieces. These oils and sprays do not damage the handpieces during sterilization within the autoclaves. Handpiece & Engine Arm Lubricant Medium ViscosityPint, Handpiece Cleaner, Handpiece Cleaner Pint, Lubricare Maintenance, Handpiece Maintenance Oil Premium Solution, and Impact Air 45 Lubricant are best for ensuring long term and efficient performance of handpieces for all types of dental treatments.