GUM Orthodontic Kit

SKU: 124KN
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Sunstar Americas, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: 124KN
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Convenient packet containing miscellaneous products for the ortho patient to maintain optimum oral health. Pack contains GUM orthodontic toothbrush, GUM Traveler interdental instrument, GUM ButlerWeave Mint Waxed Floss, GUM Eez-thru Floss Threaders, and GUM Orthodontic Wax-Mint.
Standard orthodontic kit for orthodontic patients with zippered travel bag. Kit includes: super tip toothbrush (compact head/sensitive bristle), blue zippered travel bag, orthodontic travel toothbrush, ButlerWeave mint waxed floss 12 yd, Go-Betweens Cleaners, orthodontic wax unflavored, antibacterial toothbrush travel cap, Eez-Thru floss threaders, Red-Cote disclosing tablets, braces kit instructional pamphlet, Canker-X sachet.

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