Gingi-Plain MAX Soft-Twist Nonimpregnated Cord

SKU: gingi-plain-max-soft-twist-nonimpregnated-cord
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Gingi-Pak
Manufacturer part number: 11105M
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Soft-Twist Retraction Cords


Gingi-Pak Max Soft-Twist Cord is a highly-versatile, 100% cotton cord available in three sizes and suitable for all retraction techniques, including the 2-cord technique.


Firmly twisted for easy packing, Gingi-Pak Max Soft-Twist Cord is also absorbent and supple to easily conform to the sulcus and remain in place until removed by the dental professional.


Each bottle of Gingi-Pak Max Soft-Twist contains 108 inches (274 cm) of cord to provide the best value in the industry. Like all Gingi-Pak impregnated cord, Gingi-Pak Max Soft-Twist Cord with dl epinephrine for hemostasis delivers a consistent dosage of 0.5 mg of solution per linear inch.


  • 100% cotton
  • Firmly twisted for easy packing
  • Absorbent, pliable, and remain where it placed
  • Plain cord or dl epinephrine impregnates for hemostasis
  • Hand-impregnated to deliver consistent dosage with no dry spots
  • Exclusive Kutter Kap® eliminates waste and cross contamination


10105M Gingi-Pak MAX Cord #1 (Thin) 10110M Gingi-Pak MAX Cord #2 (Medium) 10115M Gingi-Pak MAX Cord #3 (Thick)



11105M Gingi-Plain MAX Cord #1 (Thin) 11110M Gingi-Plain MAX Cord #2 (Medium) 11115M Gingi-Plain MAX Cord #3 (Thick)

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