Sky Dental, as you’d expect, has dental floss, every kind there is – waxed and unwaxed, flavored or plain, and tape too, dispensed in the variety of ways that patients like, young or old. We’ve even got a few gizmos, to make the flossing chore that much easier, and help keep your patients compliant.

At the basic end, you can get 12-yard dispensers of unwaxed nylon from OraLine, a good product with a rougher surface designed to do a better job removing plaque. It comes in a translucent purple dispenser. There’s also Johnson & Johnson’s popular ‘Reach Dentotape’, also in 100-yard dispensers. A lot of patients like the extra-wide cleaning surface, useful in larger spaces. This uses an air-entangled multi-filament technology. It’s extra thick, and waxed.

Check out our cute ‘FireFly’ flossers for kids! They come in different colors, from High Ridge Brands. For the office, have a look at the Dual SafeDispense dispenser. It holds 2 200-yard spools at once. It’s a handy item from Almore International, and one that’s made of sterilizable anodized aluminum. Another neat item for the office is the Staino Flossbox Display, from Dedeco – 16.5 yards of mint floss with a mirror. It’s business card sized, and comes 24 to a case.

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