Endodontic Sealers & Cements

Looking for sealers and cements for your endodontic jobs?

See what you think of the BioRoot RCS root canal sealer (you get it with pipettes and measuring spoon) from Septodont. BioRoot is a breakthrough in the latest generation of mineral-based fillers for permanent canal obturation. It’s built on active biosilicate technology, and it incorporates an easy-to-use cold obturation technique that ensures a long lasting, leak-free seal. A high pH helps stop bacterial growth and lowers risk of intracanal reinfection. It’s resin-free and very biocompatible, so it’s easy on patients. It’s easy on you too, because it’s simple to hand-mix and place.

Another popular item is the EZ-Fill Xpress epoxy cement EDS auto-mix syringe kit. This kit, combined with the patented EZ-Fill bi-directional spirals, produces an apical seal as effective as lateral condensation and thermoplastic techniques without forcing excess cement apically. This being a non-eugenol epoxy cement, it’s compatible with all bonding agents and composites. It’s absolutely ideal for endodontic root sealing. It’s radiopaque, too. The kit contains 2 9.5mL dual-barrel syringes and 20 mixing tips.

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