Endodontic Pluggers & Spreaders

Root canal treatment is the specialized procedure used for saving diseased and infected natural human teeth. Root canal treatment involves an access cavity with a straight-line view for thorough chemo-mechanical debridement of infected tissues (mechanical instrumentation, chemical irrigation & intracanal medication in multii-visit treatment), complete preparation of the root canal system followed by the most important step of 3-dimensional root canal filling, a process known as obturation. The process of obturation must ensure an apical and coronal hermetic seal of the canals to prevent re-infection through micro-leakage from the crown portion as well as the apical foramen of the involved tooth. Skydentalsupply offers the most accurately manufactured, operator friendly and easy to hold instruments used during the root canal obturation process.

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Skydentalsupply manufactured ingenious spreaders and pluggers have the inherent capability of continuous use with the utmost accuracy in lateral and apical condensation of gutta percha, the most commonly used obturating material, leading to complete filling of gaps and spaces between the gutta percha and root canal walls. Our state of the art and functionally oriented fabricated flat tipped stainless-steel finger pluggers range from Finger pluggers 21mm to Finger pluggers 25mm covering all types of root canals in anterior as well as posterior teeth. These specially designed finger pluggers ensure proper distribution and vertical condensation of gutta percha filling material by applying equal apical forces. Skydentalsupply manufactured endodontic pluggers ensure excellent prognosis of root canal treatment procedure performed by a large number of specialist dental health care providers who are our regular customers.

Endodontic spreaders are the essential set of files which are used to laterally compact the gutta percha material towards the walls of the root canals. This lateral compaction force applied through the endodontic spreaders makes it sure to achieve a hermetic seal and obtain three-dimensional obturation. The force applied through these stainless-steel endodontic spreaders makes room for the placement of accessory gutta percha cones and the remaining little space if left is then filled with the help of sealing materials. Skydentalsupply vast supply of innovative, affordable and state of the art endodontic spreader file sets range from Finger spreaders 21mm JS Dental, Finger spreaders 25mm JS Dental, Luks finger spreaders to Mity NITI finger spreaders, MITYMITI finger spreaders, NITI Mity finger spreaders JS Dent 31mm and Onyx-flex NiTi finger spreaders 25mm.

Our wide range of finger spreaders and pluggers have been specifically designed for covering the wide variations in root canal anatomy in different natural teeth for achieving high success and long-term prognosis by ensuring perfect obturation. A perfect coronal and apical seal during obturation can only prevent microleakage, re-infection and post-treatment disease.