Endodontic- Files & Reamers

Endodontic hand files and reamers are manually operated instruments which are used in specifically for mechanical debridement, disinfection and preparation of root canal system during endodontic therapy. Cleaning and shaping of infected and diseased root canals were conventionally performed with these hand files but now, a combination of hand and rotary files are used in specific sequence by expert endodontists. Skydentalsupply manufactures finest and most efficient manual & rotary endodontic files and reamers for ensuring long term prognosis of root canal treatments for saving natural teeth. Our skilled and qualified engineers produce these hand files keeping in mind the various important specifications such as size, diameter, working blade, rake angle, tip color and cutting edges. We offer high quality innovative stainless steel and Nickle-titanium endodontic files and reamers i.e. K-files, H-files, reamers, flexo-files, broaches.

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Skydentalsupply fabricated stainless steel and Nicke titanium K-files, H-files and reamers are more flexible, less prone to fracture and less likely to corrode after repeated sterilization in the dental office. Small sized instruments are produced from square blanks making these extra resistant to torque induced fractures. Manufacturing of large sized files is done from triangular blocks for the improvement in their cutting efficiency. Our wide range of manual and rotary endodontic files and reamers range from manual Hi- 5 stainless steel, flexible K files, hedstrom files, flex-R file .02 taper with stops, K files 21mm-25mm, Hyflex X-file, Union Broach Onyx R files, K-reamer 21mm-31-mm, premier reamers, Safe Siders reamers introductory kit to rotary Liberator endo file, Liberator RGG,  Sky choice rotary files (Profile Vortex) NiTi, Sky choice rotary files (ProTaper) NiTi, Hyflex NT NiTi rotary files, Hyflex EDM NiTi files, Hyflex CM files and Hyflex GPF NiTi files.

Skydentalsupply offers K-type files, K-flex files, flex-R files, Hedstrom/H-files, safety hedstrom files, hyflex files, Uni-files and S-files in different tapers and sizes according to the morphological variations in root canal anatomy in human teeth. Hand files can be manipulated using watch winding motions (clockwise/counter-clockwise), reaming motion (clockwise), filing movements (Up-down), circumferential filing and balanced force technique. Our flexible and strong stainless steel and NiTi instruments have the capability to absorb and bear fatigue, wear and stresses during all these movements showing their greater resistance to breakage, bending and fracture during root canal therapy.

Reamers and K-files are constructed from square or triangular cross-sectional blanks. Reamers contain lesser number of flutes while K-files have greater number of flutes. Reamers perform their motion by rotating it quarter to half turn and then withdrawing it carefully. K-files are best used with balanced force application. Hedstrom or H-files are constructed from round tapered blanks and only up-down movements are recommended with these files to prevent their breakage and gouging of canal walls. Rotational force with H-files inside the canals may cause instrument fracture and separation. Common use of H-files is removal of Gutta percha during re-treatment, broken files through braided H-file technique and sometimes, pulp extirpation.