Endodontic- Canal Treatments

The main objectives of the endodontic treatments or the root canal therapy are the complete debridement of the diseased pulp tissues, cleaning and shaping of the root canal system, and three-dimensional root canal space filling to prevent the chances of re-infection. Use of mechanical instruments and chemical disinfectants are essential for achieving bacteria free root canal systems in the process of saving diseased teeth. Chemical cleaning in the form of root canal irrigation allows for cleaning beyond what might be achieved by root canal instrumentation alone. Chemical debridement is accomplished with the help of numerous anti-microbial agents, irrigants and intracanal medicaments. The process of endodontic canal treatments is completed when the root canal space is filled with an inert material following chemo-mechanical disinfection. Skydentalsupply offers a vast range of chemical agents in the form of irrigants, medicaments, root canal sealers, and root canal filling materials, the obturation materials.

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The chemical irrigants are only used for relatively short periods of time whereas the intra-canal medicaments can be used for days or several weeks. Skydentalsupply offer chemical solution for root canal cleaning and disinfection lubricate the instruments used for canal shaping, flush out gross debris, dissolve organic and inorganic tissues, and provide an anti-microbial effect. Root canal obturation following shaping and cleaning ensures the long-term prognosis of endodontically treated teeth. It involves substitution of an inert filling in the space previously occupied by the pulp tissue in order to prevent the chances of re-infection. The materials used for obturation or root canal space filling should be able to provide and maintain a hermetic and fluid tight seal to prevent the entry of microorganisms and fluids. Root canal sealers accomplish this goal along with the obturation materials filling the irregularities and sealing accessory foramina and canals.