Encore D/C Core Buildup Material & Mini
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Encore D/C Core Buildup Material & Mini

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Encore® D/C

Dual-Cure Core Buildup Composite

Encore D/C makes core buildup easier and better. Encore D/C is a dual-cure composite core buildup material that enables you to build up just the coronal core or to fabricate a composite post and core that bonds the post, tooth and core together into an integrated whole. Deliver Encore D/C direct to the bottom of the post hole with our exclusive needle tip. 
Light-cure for 20 seconds to accelerate the setting and Encore D/C’s exclusive dual-cure mode will complete the full cure. Encore D/C dual-cure formula speeds up your procedures and ensures complete cure of all material, regardless of depth or placement of the final restoration. The non-slumping formula eliminates the need to use a matrix/core-form. Light-activated to accelerate the set. Made in the USA.

Two great delivery methods to meet the needs of your practice and your patients:

Encore® D/C MiniMix®: Our most popular format, the MiniMix .5mL unit-dose technology eliminates waste and cross-contamination concerns. The smaller size is more easily maneuvered in the mouth, while the longer mixing tip enables easy application down canals in second and third molars. MiniMix is also patient-friendly; the small format is less threatening and more comfortable for sensitive patients.

Encore® D/C Automix: The automix cartridge is our standard format and widely used.

Polymerization Shrinkage testing of the Encore D/C:

Encore D/C Mini-Mix, 1.4%

Encore D/C in 25ml cartridge, 2.8%

  • Superior core buildup material that ensures completely cured materials, structural integrity plus ease of use
  • Light activate for 20 seconds to accelerate the set
  • NeedleTube® delivers material to bottom of the post hole
  • Non-slumping formula requires no matrix or core form
  • Cuts like dentin to reduce ditching
  • Radiopaque
  • Contains fluoride

Encore® D/C MiniMix® Kit Contains: Kits include single-dose .5mL cartridges (12 or 36) and 
Mixing Nozzles (24 or 72).

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