Enamel Pro Varnish 5% Fluoride Clear

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The first advanced fluoride varnish optimized to provide valuable tooth building ions of calcium and phosphate

5% NaF Varnish – Gluten FREE!

Indications for Use Enamel Pro Varnish is a fluoride-containing preparation for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity and for the reduction of post-operative sensitivity.

Enamel Pro Varnish offers a nice esthetic appearance. It is patient pleasing and has studies supporting fluoride uptake, fluoride release and diminished hydraulic conductance.1,2,3

Enamel Pro Varnish with ACP formula delivers more enamel fluoride uptake and greater fluoride release than 3M Vanish with TCP!1 Enamel Pro Varnish provides 4x more fluoride uptake into sound enamel and significantly more fluoride uptake in surrounding lesioned enamel than 3M Vanish.1 In an independent study evaluating incubation conditions on fluoride release in vitro.

Each box contains single-unit doses and an applicator brush, post-application patient care instructions and doctor’s directions for use.

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