DuraShield CV 5% Sodium Fluoride Clear Varnish
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DuraShield CV 5% Sodium Fluoride Clear Varnish

SKU: durashield-cv-5-sodium-fluoride-clear-varnish
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Sultan Healthcare
Manufacturer part number: 0031106FG
Price: $86.99  
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DuraShield® CV 5% Sodium Fluoride Clear Varnish, the next generation of fluoride varnish. It’s loaded with all the features you've been looking for:

  • So clear, it’s virtually invisible!* There’s no nasty discoloration like other varnishes, so your patients will feel less self-conscious after a treatment.
  • Less wear time, too.* Most varnishes need to stay on a patient’s teeth for four to six hours… DuraShield CV does the job in just two!
  • As easy to handle as it is clear. DuraShield CV’s thin, non-drip formula makes it super easy to apply. It goes on in seconds.
  • Awesome unit dose packages is easy and fun to use.** The package actually adapts to the way you work! (We call it “Finding your DuraStyle”—see our website for more)
  • Two Delicious Flavors! Available in Watermelon and Strawberry. Sure to satisfy any patient.
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