Dental Accessories

There are lots of little things your office needs to keep it running right. To us, that’s a whole category of products by itself. We call it ‘Dental Accessories.’ This are items you may not think about much – but we know you’ll need them, so we keep them in stock.

They can be odds and ends, like that 8” Extension Arm, by Zirc, that gives you just the extra place you need to set things down when you’re busy with a procedure, or Zirc’s best-selling little Cotton Roll Holder, available in blue or white. Most of us don’t think about little things like these – but they’re sure good to have!

When’s the last time you remembered janitorial supplies? We’ve got those, too. Office managers really like the Citrus II Odor Eliminating Spray, from Beaumont Products, the 7oz can that transforms whole rooms into places people want to be. Studies have shown – check this on our blog – that patients keep calmer in rooms that smell nice! For cleaning jobs, get the Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Cleaner. It’s 4 gallons of non-acidic, ready-to-use disinfectant. It’s an effective bactericide, virucide, and fungicide. It’s formulated to disinfect every hard, non-porous surface.

Want to stay organised? We’ve got all manner of racks, pans, tubs, inserts, and dividers. Have a look at the C-Tub Instrument Receptacle from Cetylite, Inc. It’s clear, so you can see what’s in it, and it’s big – it holds a whole gallon of solution.

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Maybe you’d like the Cabinet Tray Organizer from Plasdent. Measuring 8" x 4" x 1", this keeps you efficient, and on top of your inventory, and it’s steam and chemical autoclavable to 270°.

There’s also the E-Z Access Shelf, another beauty from Zirc. This is a very popular additional work space for auxiliary items. It mounts to any standard equipment post, and it can hold a whopping 25 pounds.

Two more best-sellers are the Multi-Mod 6- and 8-place Racks, again from Zirc. These accommodate all your trays and tubs, with covers. They’re fully adjustable, made of sturdy chrome and metal, and they stand on non-slip feet. Check our catalogue for the dimensions you need.

Zirc also makes a really fine E-Z Storage Tub Organizer with Removable Cover. It’s designed so that the cover, if you keep it on, stays open on its own – a nice touch, that suits a lot of clinicians. Each tub comes with one vertical divider and one half-depth adjustment divider.

For staying organized, you can see we cover every little detail. Do you want business cards? Nice DHPI ones? We’ll even make you those!

Don’t forget about patient education. That’s something dentists do a lot. And we can equip your office for it.

Teach your patients tooth-care, with the Brush-n-Floss Training Model from Hager Worldwide. It’s lightweight and sturdy, twice normal size for easy viewing, and built practically, with a simple metal articulator. Hager also makes a Demo Dent Education Model, if you want something more ambitious. This is a clear, flexible teaching aid with upper and lower jaw articulation and 32 removable teeth, with anatomically correct roots.

Do you work with kids a lot? Keep the little ones engaged, with 3 Minute Sand Timers, from OraLine. They help your young patients learn the proper times for brushing and flossing, and they come in a whole assortment of colors. Teach them how to brush with fun friends like Little B.G. Roo, or the StarSmilez fuzzy animal puppet line, star sellers from Paragon.

Then send them home with OraLine’s All-purpose Dental Bags. These are clear vinyl, with cloth zipper closures, and there’s a pocket on the front for your business card, which is always handy.

They may want to keep their teeth, so show them Keystone Industries’ ‘My Tooth’ line of little pink or blue plastic safekeeping boxes. These are just right for the Tooth Fairy. There’s a bigger version, too, from Temrex Corporation: the Tooth Saver Chests, for families that like to hold on to all those baby teeth.