CONNEXIO Dual Cure, Self-Etch Bond 6ml/Bottle

CONNEXIO Dual Cure, Self-Etch Bond 6ml/Bottle

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Dual Cure, Self-Etch Bond

Connexio dual-cure 7th-generation adhesive is the perfect complement to Encore D/C core material, providing dual curing deep in canal, right to the bottom of the post space for a completely polymerized, integrated tooth/core/post monobloc. The self-etching ability of Connexio provides strong dentin bonds without the need for a separate acid-etching step. And, Connexio is nanoparticle reinforced to provide bond strengths that last longer.

Connexio is designed for use with all types of composite resins – self-cure, light-cure, or dual-cure – and it tolerates residual moisture. It is the optimal bonding agent for dual cure composite materials, like Encore D/C.

  • Dual-cured self-etch adhesive for direct and indirect restorations for all self-, light- and dual-cured resin materials
  • Direct or indirect applications
  • Nanoparticle reinforced
  • Permanent, tight margins
  • Equivalent adhesive properties to total-etch bonds
  • Uses water as solvent (not acetone or ethyl alcohol); more tolerant of humidity than other adhesives.
  • Greater rate of monomer conversion due to self-cure activation as part of dual cure material

Enamel bond strength:24.5 Mpa

(on unetched enamel; selective etching will increase enamel bond strength)

 Dentin bond strength:39.3 Mpa

Note: We recommend selective etching of enamel for maximum bond strengths.