ClikRay Sensor Holder

SKU: clikray-sensor-holder
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: ClikTech, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: 001-206
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Fits Carestream RVG 6100/6200;Schick ELITE/33.
Fits Original Black Schick, XDR, Dent-X, Suni, Samsung, QuickRay.
One ring one rod system compatible with any bite-block. Revolutionary variable rod moves allowing scatter to get close to the patient. Easy to use and cost effective. The unique Shark Fin Biteplane design allows the holder to slip around the rubber dam clamp. The ComfyRay system in size 1 and 2 now fits the popular Carestream, Gendex and Schick /Sirona ELITE 33 sensors. ComfyRay XT skinny fits thinner sensors such as Ray, XDR, Suni, original black Schick CDR, Quickray, Dent-x and Dentimax.
Fits Dexis & Dexis PLATINUM.
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