Ceramir Restore Quikcap

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Resin-free and self-curing bioceramic restorative material. By combining a conventional glass ionomer with the Ceramir technology, a tissue-friendly and bioactive material is achieved. The continuous release of calcium and fluoride ions combined with a unique level of biocompactibility makes this an especially well-suited product for use in pediatric and geriatric dentistry.

Key advantages:

• Permanent seal of tooth-material interface
    · Chemical integration with teeth.
    · Apatite formation.

• Durable
    · Neutralizes acid attack.
    · Low acid solubility.
    · Dry polish for a more durable surface.

• Low post-op sensitivity
    · Alkaline pH during curing.

• Strengthening of the surrounding dentin and enamel
Continuous fluoride release.
    · Continuous calcium release.

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