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SSW Fissurotomy Burs FG
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Item No. Product Name Mfg. part # Price Qty
W40000 Fissurotomy Diagnostic/Fin Kit #18007 Item No:W40000 Mfg. part #:18007 Price:
W40001 Fissurotomy Burs Micro NTF Short Shank Item No:W40001 Mfg. part #:18016 Price:
W40002 Fissurotomy Burs Original FG (10) Item No:W40002 Mfg. part #:18010 Price:
W40003 Fissurotomy Burs FG Original/SS (10) Item No:W40003 Mfg. part #:18011 Price:
W40007 Fissurotomy Burs FG Original/SS (100) Item No:W40007 Mfg. part #:13098 Price:
W4001B Fissurotomy Burs FG #STF (10) #18013 Item No:W4001B Mfg. part #:18013 Price:

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