Carbide Burs

Rotary cutting instruments in dentistry that have bladed cutting heads are known as burs. In simple words, it is a revolving cutting instrument which has cutting blades on the head. Tungsten carbide burs are smooth cutting instruments and furnish the cavity preparation with a highly finished surface. The greater the number of blades on a bur, the smoother and more refined will be the tooth cutting. The different types of tungsten carbide burs are usually employed for various steps of tooth preparation, access cavity preparation in endodontics, and bone cutting in minor oral surgery procedures. The difference in their shape, size, anticipated cutting efficiency and length remains the prime differentiating factor in the selection process for a specific procedure. Featured tungsten carbide burs with variable degree tapers include round shaped TC burs, ball shaped TC burs, cone shaped TC burs, cylinder shape TC burs, cylinder shape TC burs with end cut or radius end, flame shaped TC burs, inverted cone shape TC burs, oval shaped TC burs, and taper shaped TC burs. Skydentalsupply offers easiest and smoother cutting efficiency during tooth preparation for direct and indirect dental restorations with the aid of excellent quality and greater range of carbide burs for the restorative dental specialists.

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Skydentalsupply engineers and experts put special emphasis on achieving optimum bur design features especially rake angle and neck design in the product. The rake angle is the most important design feature of a cutting bur blade. A positive rake angle increases the cutting efficiency but it may result in certain problems such as clogging of the cut debris in the flute space and reduced bur durability. A negative rake angle minimizes the chances of cutting-edge fracture increasing the bur life. Skydentalsupply carbide burs incorporate extended head length, rounding of sharp tip angle and reduced use of cross-cut burs to provide the best product for the customers.