Bone Grafting & Packing Materials

Needless to say, we’ll keep you in all the bone regeneration materials you could ever need. That means things like collagen membranes, blast and graft putties, bone wax, fillers, allografts, and wound dressings – you name it.

One thing we like to show our surgeons is the remarkable ‘Foundation’ bone filler, from J. Morita USA. Foundation is a revolutionary bone augmentation material for use after extractions. Collagen-based, it provides support for implants, bridges and dentures. Immediately following an extraction, Foundation goes into the socket. The surrounding cells and capillaries gradually infiltrate. As the extraction socket heals, it fills with new augmented bone. Foundation comes in “bullet” form for easy placement.

Have you seen the BioMaintain Extend collagen membrane, from Surgical Esthetics? It’s a big seller. It’s fully resorbable in about 25 weeks, made of purified bovine Type-1 collagen, and its cell-occlusive construction inhibits cellular ingrowth. You can trim it easily, to whatever shape you need.

Another fine membrane solution is the Neomem FlexPlus resorbable from Citagenix. Neomem FlexPlus is a single layer collagen membrane derived from porcine peritoneum. Suture pullout of this membrane is biomechanically very strong. Its handling characteristics make surgical placement easy, where it adapts to the site without fuss. You can even reposition it, and place it wet or dry, with either side up. Look for lower inflammation with FlexPlus, too.

Finally, because we like to make things easy, we want you to know about the GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC alloplastic bone grafting system, from Sunstar Americas. It’s ideal for ridge preservations and other bone regenerative procedures. You can dispense and mold this particulate-based graft directly into whatever defect you’re working on, where it will harden into a porous scaffold. It’s fully resorbable. Have a look! 

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