Baseplate Wax

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Multi-purpose dental wax used in the fabrication of dentures. Most often used to build trial plates for the arrangement of artificial denture teeth. 

Baseplate wax is also used for a variety of other dental laboratory processes, including: inlay patterning, boxing of impression, casting, establishing the arch form, establishing the level of occlusal plane, recording the maxillary mandibular relation, corrective impression, and bite registration. 

This is done for initial modeling and later fitting of trial dentures (try-ins) before the finished product is completed.

Designed for use in the dental lab, Carmel baseplate wax is rigid at mouth temperature but able to be molded at higher temperatures without cracking or tearing. It also resists flaking or chipping during carving. Finally, it leaves no residue upon boiling out.

  • Pink #2 : A tough, pliable all-season wax that firmly holds teeth, will not stain and boils out clean.
  • Pink # 3: A soft modeling wax that is easy to form and carve. Minimized shrinkage during softening and cooling. Easy to form and carve, boils out cleanly. Ideal for colder climates.
  • All-season Wax: Pure waxes that simulate flesh tones. Exceptional working quality, ideal softening temperature of 150°F.
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