Akzent Plus Stain & Agent Paste 4gm
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Akzent Plus Stain & Agent Paste 4gm

SKU: akzent-plus-stain-and-agent-paste-4gm
Vendor: VITA North America
Manufacturer part number: B505514
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Effect Stains Paste

For all types of dental-ceramic materials, for the layering and press technique and feldspar ceramic blocks such as VITABLOCS to monolithic restorations. It is suitable for all dental ceramic materials and for every CTE.

For a silk-matte surface, the FINISHING AGENT is the material of choice. A surface that shines like glass can be achieved using the VITA AKZENT Plus GLAZE glazing agents. For use in the case of ceramics with firing temperatures of up to 800 °C, the new low-melting GLAZE LT is available in addition to the glazing agent.