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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Pulpdent Corporation
Manufacturer part number: VC1A2
Price: $101.99  
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ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE-CEMENT™ stimulates mineral apatite formation and the natural remineralization process at the material-tooth interface that knits the restoration and the tooth together, penetrates and fills micro-gaps, reduces sensitivity, guards against secondary caries, and seals margins against microleakage and failure – nature’s way.

The cement is dual cure, moisture tolerant, and indicated for indirect restorations including zirconia, CAD/CAM and glass ceramic restorations, all ceramic, resin, metal/PFM, implant dentistry, and preformed stainless steel and zirconia pediatric crowns.

ACTIVA’s patented rubberized-resin provides greater resistance to chipping and fracture than any other dental cement. It is durable, insoluble, and will not wash out or crumble. ACTIVA responds to pH cycles with release and recharge of significant amounts of calcium, phosphate and fluoride. These mineral components stimulate formation of a connective layer of mineral apatite that seals and protects teeth.

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