Acrylic Accessories

Impression recording procedures constitute an important step in the fabrication of partial and complete dentures, crown and bridges, surgical obturators, orthodontic appliances, and templates for dental implants. Acrylic accessories and impression trays including dispensing guns, cartridge mixing tips, cartridge syringes, and adaptor kits facilitate the impression taking and model making procedures for ensuring well-fitted dentures and excellent margins of crowns and bridges. SKydentalsupply manufactures standardized acrylic accessories for the convenience of all dental specialists with the help of trained and skilled staff with decades of working experience.

An important limitation of manual mixing of impression materials and gypsum products for model fabrication is the human error. Manual mixing does not completely ensure accurate mixing ratios needed for achieving the high precision in impression recording. The auto-mix equipment, dispenser guns and cartridge mixing tips ensure an exact mixing ratio of the components of impression materials. This results in a highly precise, easy to use, workable, and well-mixed mass which can record the prepared teeth, marginal dimensions, surrounding soft tissues, and oral structures for making diagnostic models, custom trays, provisional coverage, crowns & bridges, orthodontic appliances, pre-treatment and post-treatment records.

Skydentalsupply provides all the dental specialists with a wide range of these acrylic accessories for especially performing prosthodontic, surgical, periodontal, orthodontic, and restorative procedures in a cool, calm and operator-friendly environment. 

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