Accu-Vac Premium Air-Powered Vacuum Forming System

SKU: 80175-18940
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Buffalo Dental Manufacturing
Manufacturer part number: 80175
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An extremely powerful, accurate, and quiet vacuum forming system utilizing compressed air-powered suction.

• Utilizes ultra-high powered venturi suction (requires 60 to 100 psi external compressed air supply) to create highly accurate vacuum adaptations
• Gasket-free frame accepts 5" diameter round and 5" x 5" square materials for improved versatility
• Unique table uses either standard flat plate or included steel bead basket for multiple model
positioning options
• Single On/Off heat control switch and automatic vacuum actuation switch promote easy operation
• Convenient small size (7-1/2’’ W x 10-1/2’’ D x 10’’ H x 16 lbs.) enhances portability
• System includes Accu-Vac unit, Flat Plate Table, Steel Beads, Bead Basket, and sample range of Vacuum Forming Materials

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