Scan X IntraOral

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New body. Faster engine. Dressed in white and silver trim, the new ScanX brings a breath of fresh air into your office. The 3.5" x 3.5" LED display shines blue when the system is ready for use, and changes to an amber glow while reading the plates. ScanX delivers a full mouth of images in just a couple of minutes.
Children and elderly...and everyone in between. PAN's, Ceph's and TMJ's. You have always wanted to treat them all. Only ScanX comes in just the right sizes for your patients and your practice.
Wafer-Thin PSP imaging plates. ScanX reads images stored on photo stimulable phosphor storage plates (PSP), which are perfectly shaped for patient comfort. With rounded cornersm and 10 times thinner than hard sensors, our PSP imaging plates come in different sizes. So that they're always comfortable-for children and adults.

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