Flexi Post Mini Sterilization Box Complete

SKU: 197-05-81650
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Essential Dental Systems
Manufacturer part number: 197-05
MSRP: $240.95  
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Patented, split-shank, parallel sided threaded post. Through the incorporation of the split shank, the stresses of insertion are absorbed by the post (not the root) during placement. Provides maximum retention with minimal stress.

Closes upon insertion to deliver maximum retention with minimal insertional stress - virtually eliminating the major cause of root fracture. Distributes functional stresses evenly around the embedded threads. Vertical blades remove all dentinal debris, enhancing ease of placement.1-5 Increases the intimacy of fit between the post and the natural point at which the canal widens, thereby increasing the stability of the post by preventing the breakdown of cement, greatly enhancing long term retention. 

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