Constic Accessories Pack 20 Clip-On Brushes 20 Luer- Lock Silver Tips

SKU: 220712-76290
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: DMG America
Manufacturer part number: 220712
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Constic is a light-cured, self-etching, self-adhesive, radiopaque, flowable restorative composite. Constic is indicated for small Class I and II restorations, as a baseliner, pit and fissure sealant and for repairing undercuts and existing restorations. Self-etching and self-adhesive. No sepa- rate etching or bonding steps required. High bond strength to tooth structure. Predictable long lasting esthetic restora- tions. Unmatched versatility. A liner, restorative and repair kit in a single syringe. Contains: (20) Clip-on brushes, (20) Luer-lock silver tips.
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