Interval Temporary Filling Material 3 -6.5gm

SKU: 7500
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Temrex Corporation
Manufacturer part number: 7500
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Ideal for sealing endodontic access preparations. Quickly restoring fractured or lost amalgam or composite restorations.Temporizing inlay/ onlay preparations. Convenient- pre-mixed and ready to use. Easy to use- sets in saliva. Easy clean-up-easily removed with a sharp instrument. No waste-will not harden in the jar. Universal-restores both vital and non-vital teeth. Resists abrasion and creates a good marginal seal. Sets in saliva over the course of one hour and achieves final set within two to three hours. Interval and Interval II last three to four weeks at a minimum. Contains: 3 -6.5gm bars of material with precision screw plunger syringe.

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