REVOTEK LC Intro Kit Universal Shade B2

SKU: 001842
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: GC America
Manufacturer part number: 001842
Price: $97.10  
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Light-Cured, Composite Resin for Temporary Restorations

  • Single-component composite resin
    • No mixing
    • No wasteful bi-acrylic cartridges and tips
    • No messy acrylic powders and liquids
    • No heavy oxygen-inhibited layers to contend with
  • Ideal consistency
    • Easy to handle and place
    • Not sticky or messy
    • Sculptable; no preoperative impression or stent fabrication is required
    • No wax-ups or model modification are required
    • Records natural, functionally-generated patient occlusion for perfect occlusal accuracy
  • Light-cured
    • Allows ample working time for aesthetic sculpting and bridge fabrication
    • Light-cure 10 seconds intraorally to secure shape
    • Light-cure 20 seconds outside the mouth to reach final finishing hardness
  • MMA-free
    • No exothermic heat
    • No odor or irritation
    • Biocompatible
  • Light-proof storage case
    • Special light-proof storage case keeps unused materials fresh
    • Material is dispensed economically
    • There's enough material to make approximately 30 average crowns per putty stick
  • Simple cementation
    • Works well with GC equivalent temporary cements

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