Type-T Spherical Amalgam Alloy Capsules

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Weight: 5 lbs
Vendor: DMG America
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Type-T Spherical Amalgam Alloy Physical Properties

Strong Amalgam Alloy for your restorative needs

  • Strongest type of alloy made
  • Fast setting
  • Self-activating capsule
  • Color-coded capsules

Zenith Type-T Spherical Amalgam Alloy is a fast setting alloy with an immediate silky carve.

The Type-T Spherical Amalgam Alloy is the strongest type of alloy made that resists fracture and ditching. Its fast setting allows for immediate packing and carving.

The capsules are self-activating and require no pinching or twisting to open. It is a one-step trituration process without the use of an activator tool.

The color-coded capsules are easy to differentiate between types and spills.


  Metal Composition: 56% Silver, 29% Tin, 15% Copper

   Formulation: Spherical

  Alloy Mercury Ratio: 57% Alloy, 43% Mercury

  Compressive Strength: 1 Hour Strength: 28,000 psi, 24 Hour Strength: 68,000 psi

  Static Creep: 0.3%

  Dimensional Change: ± 2 microns/cm




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